Participate in Advocacy Week: April 16 - 20, 2012

On April 16-20, as part of the National End Racial Profiling Advocacy Week,  communities across the country dedicated to ending the discriminatory practice racial profiling will participate in a nation-wide week of activism and engagement. Use the toolkit and ideas below to plan how you will take action to end racial profiling.


2012 National End Racial Profiling Advocacy Week Toolkit

If you are visiting your members of Congress during the National End Racial Profiling Advocacy Week, we have prepared the following materials to help you prepare for your Congressional meetings.  The Toolkit provides information on how to set up your meeting, offers suggestions on recommendations on what Congress can do to stop racial profiling, and provides background information and drop pieces you can leave with Congressional offices.

Download the 2012 National End Racial Profiling Advocacy Week Toolkit

Download the Toolkit's Resource Packet

Report back on how your visit went by completing a report back form online or download a report back form to complete and return to RWG.


Additional ways to prepare for and participate in Advocacy Week include:

Register to participate in Advocacy Week.

Join a training call to prepare. Calls will be Thursday, March 29 at 3pm EST and Wednesday, April 11 at 3pm and 8pm EST. You'll receive more info when you register.

Collect at least one story of how racial profiling is impacting your community and share it with your member of congress, with the media, and with RWG using the Racial Profiling Story Collection Form.

Host a Conversation with participants to discuss their experiences of racial profiling and get them involved in your local campaigns.

Write and submit an op-ed or editorial board memo to your local newspaper calling attention to the End Racial Profiling Act.  Published statements include:

Circulate an e-mail Action Alert (provided by RWG) to your members and allies, encouraging them to call their representative during Advocacy Week.

Share your plans and successes through social media (on Twitter use #EndRP2012).





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Co-sponsored by: the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Muslim Advocates and South Asian Americans Leading Together.