Oregon's Safe Communities Project Protests "Secure Communities" in Solidarity with GA


Oregon's Safe Communities Project, a coalition of faith, labor, and immigrant rights groups, spoke out against HB87 in Georgia and connected anti-immigrant legislation with the racial profiling resulting from "Secure Communities." 

Reflections on Civil Disobedience from a Japanese-American Internment Camp


I spent my July 4th weekend at an internment camp in Idaho with a group of Asian-American and Muslim students, reflecting on how racial profiling has targeted different groups throughout history.

Georgians Stand Up to Racial Profiling at Know Your Rights Event


Nearly 400 community members came together in Atlanta this past weekend for a Know Your Rights presentation on HB 87. The diverse group of immigrants from all over East and Southeast Asia and Latin America came together along with white and African American allies to learn about how the first Arizona copycat to pass in the South, Georgia's HB 87, will affect their communities when it goes into effect at the end of the week.

Positive Steps against Racial Profiling from the City of Brotherly Love


Two pieces of news out of Philly on racial profiling: stop and frisk data will be monitored, and the city council passes a resolution against Secure Communities.


TSA, ICE, and Local Police Collaborate on Surprise "Sweeps"


This story points out an ACLU employee's surprise when he witnessed Latinos being pulled aside and questioned by federal agents at a bus station in Iowa.

Stopping Racial Profiling in Georgia


RWG Member, Azadeh Shahshahani with the ACLU of Georgia, is one of many advocates in Georgia fighting against state anti-immigrant and racial profiling legislation.  She was recently interviewed by the Center for American Progress as part of the Young Muslim American Voices Project.

What is “Secure Communities” Really About?

By Martha Pskowski: "Saturday, February 26, I attended a public hearing in Worcester, MA, on the “Secure Communities Act” of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). [...] All people across Massachusetts and the nation should take a stand against this act, which will serve to increase fear and distrust in our communities." Read the full blog post here.

ACLU Video Starring Elon James White Reminds People of Their Constitutional Rights When Stopped by Police


from the ACLU:

The American Civil Liberties Union today released a video of nationally acclaimed comedian Elon James White using humor to convey how best to respond when stopped by police, and to drive home the rights that all Americans have during any encounter with law enforcement officers.

In Her Words: Alejandra, An Immigrant Woman Abused in Detention, Asks "Aren’t we all human?"

This is the last in our series this month of testimonies from women and children speaking out against Arizona's

In Her Words: I Witnessed a Crime Caused by Arizona's Senate Bill 1070

This is the third in our series of testimonies from women and children speaking out against Arizona's