DOJ Finds Miami Police Engaged in a Pattern of Excessive Use of Force Involving Police Shootings and Killings


MIAMI, July 12,2013 – The Department of Justice (DOJ) has found that the Miami Police Department (MPD) engaged in a pattern or practice of excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment involving a large number of officer-involved shootings.

The DOJ Finds the L.A. Sheriff's Department Targeted Blacks and Latinos for Discriminatory Treatment


July 2, 2013 - The Department of Justice has found that the nation’s largest sheriff’s department has engaged in “a pattern of unreasonable force” and targeted black residents of public housing for unnecessary stops and seizures, the Associated Press reported.

Federal Court Prohibits Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Racial Profiling; Cites Role of Federal Government in Encouraging It


May 29, 2013 -- A federal judge ruled last week that Maricopa Country Sheriff’s Office, headed up by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, engaged in systemic racial profiling of Latinos and illegal detentions in violation of their constitutional rights.

In addition, Judge G. Murray Snow has prohibited the sheriff’s department from using race as a factor in attempting to determine whether someone is undocumented.

DOJ Finds Evidence of Racial Profiling in Alamance County, DHS Restricts Immigration Enforcement Authority for Sheriff


In 2010, Rights Working Group staff worked with the ACLU of North Carolina and other local RWG members and allies to compile 287(g)-related complaints and submit them to the Department of Justice. This September, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) released findings following its own investigation of the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO).

“Still Some Work to be Done” Attorney General Holder Before Senate Judiciary


Attorney General (AG) Holder spoke before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary today in an oversight hearing on the Department of Justice (DOJ). The majority of the approximately three hours of back and forth related to the attorney general's recent decision to prosecute several Guantánamo detainees in federal criminal court in New York.