Gender and LGBTQ Awareness Week

Creating Change Conference #CC13


January 23-27, 2013—Atlanta, GA.

Stop and Think: The LGBTQ Connection to Racial Profiling

By Annette Macaluso, Intern with Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Many people believe the days of assimilation are here for the queer community.

Racial Profiling and Trans People

By Ryan Durgin, National Center for Transgender Equality

What's Gender Got to Do With Racial Profiling

By Andrea Ritchie, Street Wise and Safe

There can be no question that the voices of women of color - from Ida B. Wells, to Michelle Alexander, to the countless mothers who have spoken out on behalf of their sons, brothers and partners – have consistently been at the forefront of conversations about racial profiling.

Profiling Our Families Is Unacceptable

By Cora Lively

"The LGBT community has suffered a long history of being targeted by law enforcement simply because of who we are.  Similarly, immigrants of all backgrounds have suffered, and continue to suffer, profiling under the laws of many states.  Law enforcement should never rely on a person’s race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, or perceived LGBT identity.”

#I'm Here What About the Mothers

By Mallika Dutt, Breakthrough

In a historic announcement last Friday, President Obama unveiled a plan that could allow more than one million young immigrants to live without fear of deportation in the country they call home. This move is a victory for the human rights of all— and testament to the vision and tenacity of the youngDREAMers who continue to fight for immigrant rights.

But now it’s time to ask: what about their mothers?

End Racial Profiling to Protect Immigrant Women and Children

By Emily Butera, Senior Program Officer for Detention and Asylum at the Women’s Refugee Commission and Amy Elmgren, Detention and Asylum Intern at the Women’s Refugee Commission

Gendering Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops

By Jeremy Briggs, PhD candidate at Kansas State University

Racial profiling by police on the nation's streets and highways has attracted significant social, political and legal attention over the past two decades. Despite the proliferation of research on the issue, many questions remain. The intersection of race and gender in traffic stop outcomes has been under analyzed in particular.

From Stonewall to Stop and Frisk

By Chris Bilal, Youth leader at Street Wise and Safe, originally posted at The Huffington Post.