Racial Profiling: Face the Truth

Faces of Racial Profiling: Fahd Shares DRUM's Story of Racial Profiling and Surveillance


Since 9/11, Muslims in New York City and other cities and states in the Northeast have faced a systemic pattern of surveillance by the NYPD, FBI and CIA, as documented by the Associated Press in 2011. As DRUM began organizing around and protesting discriminatory surveillance programs, an informant was sent into their organization to und

Visit Your Member of Congress during August Recess


Join the immigrant rights and racial justice movements mobilizing across the country at this important time! Tell your Members of Congress that we need strong federal legislation to ban racial profiling. Urge your Senators and Representatives to co-sponsor S. 1038 & H.R. 2851: The End Racial Profiling Act of 2013.  Also, tell your Representatives to oppose H.R. 2278: The SAFE Act which is an enforcement-only approach to immigration reform and would result in large-scale racial profiling. 

Rhode Islanders call for an End to Police Racial Profiling #EndRP


Show solidarity with Rhode Island to say we must end racial profiling in all communities. Watch Chanravy’s story , watch 

Creating Change Conference #CC13


January 23-27, 2013—Atlanta, GA.

Faces of Racial Profiling Video Series


In this video, Kayse Jama, Executive Director of the Center for Intercultural Organizingn (CIO), shares an experience of racial profiling and the impact it had on him.

287(g) Must Go! RWG Members Take Action to End Discriminatory Program


287(g) is a discriminatory immigration enforcement program that has been proven to result in racial profiling. But instead of ending the program, DHS is planning to expand the program next year to 11 new jurisdictions. 

CA Gov Vetoes Trust Act to Allow for Continued Detention of Undocumented Immigrants Not Charged with Serious Crimes


Despite intense lobbying from civil rights, human rights and immigrants rights groups, California Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday, vetoed theTrust Act, which would have kept the state from voluntarily detaining undocumented immigrants who have not been charged or convicted of crimes for retrieval by immigration authorities.

Bronx District Attorney Limits Prosecution of Stop and Frisk Arrests at NYC Housing Projects


New York City’s rampant use of its stop-and-frisk policy, which has been shown to disproportionately target people of color, has faced a serious setback in recent months, according to the New York Times.

In July, Bronx District Attorney Sterling Johnson decided to cease all prosecutions of criminal trespass cases at Bronx housing projects unless prosecutors are able to interview an arresting officer to ensure the arrest is warranted.

Rights Working Group Calls for End to Discriminatory Federal Immigration Enforcement Program


Contact: Keith Rushing, Communications Manager, krushing@Rightsworkinggroup
(p) 202.591.3305, (c) 202.557.4291