NEW RESOURCE: Toolkit on State Anti-Racial Profiling Legislation


We are pleased to share the Toolkit on State Anti-Racial Profiling Legislation. This toolkit is a collective effort of the Proactive Team convened by Rights Working Group and draws on best-practices and expertise from successful state-level campaigns for anti-profiling laws, as well as insights from national organizations. The toolkit offers guidance on legislative language, messaging and framing, and coalition-building to advance state legislative campaigns for proactive anti-profiling laws.

MPI Report Highlights Dramatic Rise in Immigration Enforcement Funding


A new report released this month deals a significant blow to conservative voices in Congress that are calling for toughened border security and stepped up enforcement as as the Obama Administration confirms that immigration reform

New "Racial Profiling: Face the Truth" Campaign Materials


Share these new educational materials with your members, communities, and allies. These resources provide an excellent analysis on how the issues we care about, from national security to the war on drugs to immigration enforcement, are linked to racial profiling. Use these resources in your organizing efforts to bring diverse communities together.

Each fact sheet is 2 pages and can be printed double-sided, in black & white or color:

New Report Shows Secure Communities Leads to Racial Profiling


A new report reveals a number of concerning findings about the impact that the Secure Communities (S-Comm) program has on racial profiling and the loss of due process. The Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy recently released a report entitled “Secure Communities by the Numbers: An Analysis of Demographics and Due Process.” Below are some of the key findings.

Racial Profiling: Latinos and Men Targeted through S-Comm

Post-9/11 Resource Packet Available


As we mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and reflect on our loss, let us also look to reclaiming our rights. Use these new resources to spark and facilitate conversations, events, and unity dialogues during the National Week of Action: Reflecting on Our Loss and Reclaiming Our Rights, September 11-17, 2011.