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Rights Working Group Applauds Court Decision Finding New York City's Stop-And-Frisk Policies Unconstitutional


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City Council Passes Major Legislation to Prohibit Discriminatory Policing


June 27, 2013 -- Despite the strenuous objections of New York City’s mayor and police commissioner, New York City Council passed two major bills last night that should strengthen and broaden protections against racial profiling and provide independent oversight of the New York Police Department.

Rights Working Group Urges New York City Council to Ban Stop-and Frisk Policies and Police Surveillance By Supporting the Community Safety Act

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June 24, 2013, Washington, D.C. -- Rights Working Group urges New York City Council members to vote in favor of a package of bills, the Community Safety Act, aimed at ending discriminatory policing in New York.

NYPD Sued Over Discriminatory Surveillance of Muslim Communities


WASHINGTON,D.C., June 20, 2013 – The New York Police Department (NYPD), already facing a federal civil rights lawsuit  for its racially discriminatory use of stop and frisk policies, is now being challenged for another form of profiling the department engages in: discriminatory surveillance of Muslim communities.

On Tuesday, the New York Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU and CUNY’s CLEAR Project filed the suit in federal court in Brooklyn, charging the NYPD of violating religious freedom and constitutional guarantees of equal protection of the law.

Rights Working Group Urges NYC Council Speaker to Reverse Course and Support a Strong Ban of Racial Profiling

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Keith Rushing, Communications Director, krushing@rightsworkinggroup, (p) 202.591.3305, (c) 202.557.4291

New Orleans Police Department Ramped Up Stop and Frisk Policies in Last Three Years - Skirting Law


 NEW ORLEANS -- Although the nation’s largest city--New York--is facing intense scrutiny over its discriminatory use of stop and frisk policies--including a major civil rights lawsuit currently being heard in federal court and a package of bills designed to end discriminatory policing--the chief of another major U.S. city has turned to the use of stops and frisks as a major law enforcement tool.

Major Agreement Announced in New York City To Increase Oversight of the NYPD


New York, N.Y. – Advocates for ending discriminatory policing--including stop-and-frisk policies and biased surveillance--in the nation’s largest police department achieved a significant victory this week when New York City Council announced an agreement that would lead to the creation of an inspector general to oversee police policies and conduct, the Wall Street Journal reported today.

Federal Trial Aimed at Ending Discriminatory Stop and Frisk Policies Underway


NEW YORK, N.Y. – The trial involving a major civil rights lawsuit that seeks to end the New York City Police Department's (NYPD) discriminatory use of stop-and-frisk policies, began last month ifederal court in lower Manhattan.

Anonymous Testimony Connects NYPD Surveillance, Stop and Frisk, and Racial Profiling #changethenypd

"It all started in 2007, when I was pulled over by an unmarked NYPD car for no reason. I was arrested for a suspended license for an unpaid ticket. At the precinct, they sent a plainclothes Pakistani detective to interview me about my travels, my associations, and my religious and political beliefs.

Judge Finds Some NYC Stop-and-Frisk Practices Unconstitutional


New York City – A federal judge ruled that the New York Police Department’s practice of stopping and searching people when they leave privately owned apartment buildings in the Bronx under an assumption that they’re trespassing is unconstitutional, the New York Times reported.