2006 press releases

National Liberty & Justice for All Leaders Denounce Legislation that Shreds Our System of Check and Balances

Washington, D.C. - As the House of Representatives rushed through three bills that erode basic civil liberties and human rights in America - H.R. 6094, 6095, and 4830 - national leaders of the Liberty & Justice for All campaign today called on the Senate to oppose bills that abandon who we are as a nation.

Press Briefing to Highlight Cruel Deportation Laws; Community Members Will Share Personal Stories

Congress is trying to expand the government's powers to detain, deport and criminalize immigrant families without a fair process. These powers are already too broad and have devastated countless immigrant families. This community hearing will feature speakers highlighting their personal stories of harsh detention conditions, the impact on U.S. citizen children whose parents are unfairly detained or deported, and harsh consequences of our broken immigration system.

Community Leaders to Hold Community Hearings Across the Nation to Denounce Unfair Deportation and Detentions

"Community Hearings are Part of a Nationwide Campaign to Protect Civil Liberties and Human Rights of Everyone in America"


Community Hearings will highlight the challenges communities on the border already face and how proposed immigration provisions will exacerbate these challenges.


Wednesday, August 16 ~ 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
"Defending Democracy: Strengthening Communities for Justice"
St. Luke's Community Health Education Center
3333 Squalicum Parkway, Bellingham, Wash. 98225

Coalition Announces Community Forums on the Impact of Immigration Proposals

Washington, DC - In response to Congress' immigration field hearings, the Liberty & Justice for All campaign coordinators will host three community forums about the impact of current immigration proposals. Campaign leaders including Hate Free Zone Washington (Seattle, WA), the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (Oakland, CA), and the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (Dearborn, MI) will hold the forums in mid-August (August 15-17, 2006). The forums will occur in Bellingham (WA), Detroit (MI), and Arizona.

Senate Immigration Provisions Erode Civil Liberties and Human Rights

Washington (May 25, 2006) - The Rights Working Group expresses opposition today to provisions in the Senate immigration bill (S. 2611) that will erode the civil liberties and human rights of many people in America, especially non-citizens. Many of the enforcement measures in the Senate bill are similar to provisions in the punitive Sensenbrenner-King House bill (H.R. 4437) which Rights Working Group opposed. While amendments were adopted to ameliorate a few of the harshest provisions, many remaining provisions are inhumane and counter-productive.

Families Speak Out About the Hidden Cost of Senate Immigration Bill

The Rights Working Group, in collaboration with local partners, will hold a telephonic press conference to highlight the impact of provisions in the Hagel-Martinez compromise immigration bill on American families. Of great concern are provisions that will further expand the government's power to erode the civil liberties and human rights of immigrants and American families.


National Coalitions Oppose Hidden Traps in Senate Immigration Legislation

The Rights Working Group, in collaboration with the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and the New American Opportunity Campaign, will hold a press conference to highlight hidden traps within the Senate immigration bills that would erode civil liberties and human rights for everyone in America.

Liberty & Justice Denied: Hidden Traps Within the Senate Immigration Bills

Media Advisory (April 25, 2006): Provisions within the immigration bills that would erode basic rights for everyone in America, while also erecting barriers to legalization, have not yet made significant headlines in the broader debate. It is important to highlight these issues as negotiations continue.

The immigration bills raise serious concerns about civil liberties, due process and the basic implementation of legalization. The harmful provisions would:

Senate Immigration Bills Erode Basic Rights

The Rights Working Group (RWG) expresses concern today about select provisions in proposed immigration legislation that would erode basic rights for non-citizens in America. While the Senate Judiciary Committee made significant progress in passing a bipartisan immigration reform package that includes a path for citizenship for non-citizens, the creation of legal channels for future workers, and a reduction in family immigration backlogs, provisions remain in both Senate bills that threaten the civil liberties and human rights of non-citizens.