Take Action

The Racial Profiling: Face the Truth campaign offers many ways for organizations and individuals to take action locally and nationally. First, you can endorse the campaign and/or join the Rights Working Group coalition. If your organizations has questions about ways to plug into the campaign, contact our Membership or Field staff


Take Action: Contact the House Leadership to Block the "SAFE Act"

Call or email the House leadership Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to stop the SAFE Act from a full House floor vote.

Visit Your Lawmakers

During these visits, you can urge Senators to sponsors the End Racial Profiling Act of 2013, remind friendly representatives that a ban on racial profiling in immigration reform legislation would go a long way toward prohibiting racial profiling of all communities, and offer concrete solutions for a less punitive immigration enforcement system.

Join a Face the Truth Team

The teams are a new component of our Racial Profiling: Face the Truth campaign that gives members of RWG more ways to engage in the national campaign through your local and state level work. The Defensive Team focuses on building multi-racial Ccalitions to fight harmful state legislation, and the Proactive Team focused on passing state legislation to ban racial profiling. The teams are open to all RWG members, including national, state, and local organizations committed to the mission of the team and looking for ways to learn from others to deepen their work. 

Share your Story of Racial Profiling 

We are collecting stories of racial profiling. Stories can show how racial profiling happens to many racial, ethnic, and religious communities, and that it is still a rampant law enforcement tactic. The stories collected will be used in RWG's organizing, advocacy, and communications for the Racial Profiling: Face the Truth campaign. If you or a member has a story to share, you can complete this online form.

Join the RWG Listserv to Receive Updates and Action Alerts

Individuals and organization staff can sign up to receive campaign updates and action alerts from Rights Working Group and the Racial Profiling: Face the Truth campaign

Host a Conversation to Stop Racial Profiling

A Conversation on racial profiling is a powerful way to get your community thinking about types of law enforcement abuse and strategizing ways to work together with other affected communities in your area to fight for local, state, and national solutions to stop all forms of racial profiling. Check out our toolkit and resources to host a Conversation today!

Host a Town Hall on Racial Profiling

A town hall meeting based in and sponsored by communities affected by profiling can be a helpful tool in advancing the goal of ending racial profiling by educating communities, elected officials and the public; building and strengthening ties with coalition partners; and speaking truth to power on campaign and local recommendations.  Town halls should happen when community organizations are committed to working together to stop racial profiling. The commitment is yours to define – ie. educating community members, working on a local campaign - and will determine the goals of your town hall.