Audio: "E-Verify, Privacy Rights & Racial Profiling"

As plans for immigration reform legislation move forward, many in Congress are tying any reform to mandatory employment verification programs, particularly E-Verify. As these conversations progress, Rights Working Group held a conference call with experts titled, "E-verify, Privacy Rights and Racial Profiling," to look at how a mandatory E-Verify program will affect all people living and working in the United States. [SEE RESOURCES ON E-VERIFY]


  • Emily Tulli, Policy Attorney, National Immigration Law Center
  • Chris Calabrese, Legislative Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union
  • Lillie Coney, Associate Director, Electronic Privacy Information Center


Introduction by Jumana Musa, Rights Working Group


Emily Tulli presents an overview of E-Verify and NILC's concerns with the program.


Chris Calabrese puts a face on E-Verify that illustrates the errors that can occur with the program, including the potential for racial profiling and privacy rights violations.


Lillie Coney discusses the larger complexities of having identification systems and the implications on privacy rights and potential for abuses.


Q & A: Speakers respond to questions on biometrics, alternatives to E-Verify, and what the position labor unions and the Chamber of Commerce have on E-Verify.