Faces of Racial Profiling: Art Way Shares His Story



In this the first installment of the "Faces of Racial Profiling" video series, Art Way talks about his first experience of racial profiling at age 11 and the deep impact it had on him. Racial profiling by law enforcement is pervasive in communities of color, damaging trust between those communities and those who are paid to protect them. Racial profiling is unjust and ineffective, whether it targets immigrants, African Americans, Muslim Americans, or any other group.


Art took a stand in Colorado and worked to pass strong anti-profiling legislation in his state. Now, with immigration reform on the table in Congress, we have a unique opportunity to take a stand to ban police racial profiling through immigration reform legislation for all communities across the country by having that ban written into the legislation.

Take Art’s lead and tell the Senate Judiciary Committee that any immigration reform legislation must ban racial profiling by all law enforcement agencies, and protect the civil and human rights of all citizens and aspiring Americans.
Take action today! And continue to follow the #endrp hash tag as we release videos about racial profiling along with local and national actions to ban racial profiling.