Jesus Martinez's Story of Racial Profiling and Border Abuse - Watch/Take Action!


This second installment of the Faces of Racial Profiling series tells the story of Jesus Martinez, whose mentally impaired son, Alex, was killed by border patrol agents in 2011 in the state of Washington.
The story Jesus tells reveals the racial profiling that happens in border communities around language. Border patrol agents showed up at Jesus’ home simply because he called 911 for assistance for his son and spoke in Spanish.
Jesus is still seeking justice and an independent investigation into the death of his son.
OneAmerica, the Washington-based organization that Jesus works with, joins Rights Working Group, in calling for the inclusion of a prohibition of racial profiling and in any mmigration reform legislation.
You can take action too!
Join us and tell the Senate Judiciary Committee that any immigration reform legislation must ban racial profiling by all law enforcement agencies, and protect the civil and human rights of everyone in the United States.

Continue to follow the #endrp hash tag as we release videos about racial profiling along with local and national actions to ban racial profiling.