Organizers, Experts Discuss Ramifications of Supreme Court Decision on SB1070

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In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on Arizona’s racial profiling law, many are asking: Is it possible to enforce section 2(b) of Arizona’s infamous SB1070 without using racial profiling? With perspectives from organizers, legal experts, and law enforcement, speakers on this call tackled that question and drew on examples of policies such as Stop-and-frisk and unwarranted surveillance that encourage racial profiling across the country, as well as offered solutions to address all forms of racial profiling. Expanding the discussion beyond immigration, the call examined what 2(b) means from a racial profiling lens, and shared strategies on how to connect communities impacted by discriminatory policing.


  1. Omar Jadwat, Sr. Staff Attorney, ACLU Immigrant Rights Project
  2. Opal Tometi Black Alliance for Just Immigration Phoenix, AZ 
  3. Chief Ronald L. Davis, Police Chief, E. Palo Alto, CA  
  4. Senator Cardin of Maryland and sponsor of the "End Racial Profiling" Act

Moderator: Jumana Musa, Rights Working Group