Racial Profiling: Gender & LGBTQ Awareness Week


The week of June 25-29, the Racial Profiling: Face the Truth campaign hosted a Gender and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Awareness Week.  Throughout the week we explored how (perceived) gender and sexual orientation impacts people’s experiences of racial and religious profiling. The week highlighted the current House version of the End Racial Profiling Act (HR 3618), which includes gender within its protected class, as well as local anti-racial profiling legislation that include sexual orientation.  The Racial Profiling: Gender and LGBTQ Awareness Week consisted of a conference call, a blog carnival, release of a new issue brief on "Racial Profiling & Gender" and work with members of Congress to seek additional sponsorship of the End Racial Profiling Act based on the legislation's new inclusion of gender as a protected category under the ban on profiling. We hope you enjoy learning from the brillant bloggers and speakers throughout the week.

Read Representative Chu's Letter to the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues on ERPA

Listen to the Audio: The Gender and LGBTQ Lens of Racial Profiling

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Representative Chu's Letter to the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues on ERPA

Support the End Racial Profiling Act of 2011 (HR 3618)-"I am writing to you as members of the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues and urging you to sponsor this legislation, which for the first time includes gender as a protected category under the ban on profiling.  Several states have recognized the need to protect individuals and communities from gender-based racial profiling and have included this category within racial profiling legislation.  That ERPA now seeks to prohibit gender-based racial profiling recognizes the intersection of gender and racial discrimination in profiling by law enforcement. Though a majority of law enforcement officers carry out their duties professionally and without bias, the taint of racial profiling continues to tarnish relations between communities of color and law enforcement and this is only compounded by many of the current events described above...."   -Representative Judy Chu, PhD, Member of Congress

"Faces of Profiling: The Gender and LGBTQ Lens"

Listen to the audio recording

As a part of Racial Profiling: Gender and LGBTQ Awareness Week, the Racial Profiling: Face the Truth campaign is hosting a educational call to explore the intersections of race, gender, and sexual orientation as they correlate to racial and religious profiling in our communities. Speakers will discuss the impact of racial profiling on immigrant women, women and men of color and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people of color across the country. Don’t miss this exciting call where we connect more dots to recognize the inherent commonalities in our movement to end racial profiling.


· Trupania Bonner, Moving Forward Gulf Coast & 2025Network for Black Men and Boys [Bio]

· Paulina Hernandez, Southerners on New Ground [Bio]

· Ai-jen Poo, National Domestic Workers Alliance [Bio]

· Andrea Ritchie, Street Wise and Safe [Bio]

· Pabitra Benjamin, Rights Working Group (Moderator) [Bio]

# Gender and LGBTQ Week Blog Carnival

Sexual Profiling and Mothers Who Kill by Michèle Alexandre, Associate Professor of Law at The University of Mississippi [Bio]

Immigration, Racial Profiling and LGBTQ Latin@s by Verónica Bayetti, Latina Institute for Reproductive Health 

From Stonewall to Stop and Frisk by Chris Bilal, Youth Leader at Streetwise and Safe

Gendering Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops by Jeremy Briggs, Kansas State University

End Racial Profiling to Protect Immigrant Women and Children by Emily Butera and Amy Elmgren, Women's Refugee Commission 

The Randomness of Locs by Lisa Crooms, Professor of Law at Howard University [Bio]

#I'm Here: What about the Mothers? by Mallika Dutt, Breakthrough [Bio]

Racial Profiling, Police Misconduct, and Gender by Julie Goldscheid, CUNY School of Law [Bio]

Profiling Our Families is Unacceptable by Cora Lively, a member of Immigration Equality

What's Gender Got to Do With Racial Profiling by Andrea Ritchie, Street Wise and Safe [Bio]

Racial Profiling of Immigrants Has Consequences For All Communities by Elisa Batista, MomsRising

Racial Profiling and Trans People by Ryan Durgin, National Center for Trans Equality

Stop and Think: The LGBTQ Connection to Racial Profiling by Annette Macaluso, Bill of Rights Defense Committee


If you have any questions or comments about any of the blogs please email shafiz@rightsworkinggroup.org.  Thank you!


Racial Profiling & Gender by Rights Working Group (June 2012)

In the Shadows of the War on Terror: Persistent Police MIsconduct and Abuse Against People of Color In the United States (Dec 2007)