Truth and Justice Report Reveals Extensive Racial Profiling and Police Brutality in CO


Rights Working Group Member, Colorado Progressive Coalition, (CPC) has just released its Truth and Justice Report, which tells the collective narrative of racial profiling and police violence in Colorado.

Much of the report was gathered through stories of racial profiling and police misconduct that were obtained through the relaunching of CPC's Racial Justice Hotline.

The findings include: 65 percent of community members reported being racially profiled; 39 percent reported being injured by police and 30 percent reported being unjustifiably stopped.

The report, which was released in mid-February, shows that racial profiling continues to be a significant problem in Colorado. It chronicles the ways in which police misconduct has permanently impacted lives, while documenting numerous police assaults, including attacks with fists, flashlights, tazers.

 “Many of our community members wear the scars of police assault, others have lost their lives and many more lives have been irreparably harmed through incarceration, deportation and trauma,” the report states.

The Truth and Justice report is intended to break the cycle of silence and fear that too often prevents people from taking a stand against racial profiling and violence.

CPC is a statewide member driven organization dedicated to economic and social justice.

Rights Working Group salutes CPC on the release of this report and stands with them in their quest for justice and accountability and an end to racial profiling and police brutality.

Read the Truth and Justice Report

Watch the Faces of Racial Profiling Video Series which launched with a video of former CPC Racial Justice Program Director Art Way who experienced racial profiling as a child.

Take Action to end racial profiling by telling the Senate Judiciary Committee to include a ban on racial profiling and inappropriate use of force by all law enforcement agencies in immigration reform legislation.
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