Conversations to Stop Racial Profiling


New Video Discussion Guide now available. Use with Checkpoint Nation? and Face the Truth videos.


We are excited that you’re thinking of hosting a Conversation! A Conversation on racial profiling is a powerful way to get your community thinking about types of law enforcement abuse and strategizing ways to work together with other affected communities in your area to fight for local, state, and national solutions to stop all forms of racial profiling. 


TOOLKIT APPENDIX: Post-9/11 and Week of Action Conversations 

VIDEO DISCUSSION GUIDE: Discuss Checkpoint Nation? and Face the Truth videos

Host a Conversation to stop racial profiling in your community and connect to the Racial Profiling: Face the Truth campaign. Download this 9-page Toolkit to walk you through hosting a successful Conversation on racial profiling. Register your Conversation so that we can support and promote your event! Already hosted your Conversation? Let us know how it went!


A Conversation as part of the Racial Profiling: Face the Truth campaign can help connect the dots between the injustice caused by the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, and the criminalization of immigrants.  We hope you will use this toolkit to explore these issues in your community, and to inspire your community to fight back against the criminalization of communities of color!

Resources for Your Conversation

Promote Your Conversation YouTube Video: Racial Profiling: Face the Truth 2011 (1:50 mins)

YouTube Video: “Face the Truth: Racial Profiling Across America” (10 mins)

Timeline Activity: Racial Profiling: A History of the United States 

Does your state currently have laws against racial profiling on the books? Research laws against racial profiling across the country.

Ordinance: Bill of Rights Defense Committee has drafted a local ordinance, the Local Civil Rights Restoration Act, to prevent all forms of racial profiling.

Share your story: Fill out this form to share your incident of racial profiling with Rights Working Group. 

Videos from ColorLines: Drop the I-Word and Voices from Brooklyn: How does it feel to be stopped and frisked?


Additional Resources

Racial Profiling Resources

Issue Briefs