Faces of Racial Profiling: BCC's Wesley Morris Shares Experience with Racial Profiling

     In this latest installment of the Faces of Racial Profiling video series, Wesley Morris of the Beloved Community Center (BCC), a social justice organization, in Gre...[Read more]

    Community News

    Visit Your Member of Congress during August Recess

    Join the immigrant rights and racial justice movements mobilizing across the country at this important time! Tell your Members of Congress that we need strong federal legislation to ban racial profiling. Urge you...[Read more]

    Roots of Profiling: Remembering Edward Said’s Critique


    By Adel Iskandar -- The word “Racial profiling” used to elicit strong negative impressions as it connotes selective prejudicial treatment based on external characteristics. Much like the word “propaganda,” which fell out of fashion in the mid-1950s, “profiling” continues to persist despite the desire on everyone’s part to distance themselves from the practice of open discrimination. However, just by avoiding dogmatic terminology doesn’t mean the phenomena or practices these terms represent cease to exist.

    Action Alert: Send a postcard to Congress

    With the expectation that comprehensive immigration reform could soon be considered by Congress, it is important that supporters of reform make their voices heard on Capitol Hill. For this reason, the Justice for Immigrants Campaign has initiated a postcard campaign to urge Congress to pass reform legislation.
    Send a postcard to Congress now. All you need is your zip code.

    Hunger strike at immigration detention center still going strong at 2 weeks

    Time Code 8:22. Tune in and listen. Because it’s not the first time a hunger strike has hit the Port Isabel Detention Center in Southern Texas.

    Does discrimination have to play a part in keeping America safe?

    In a response to the December 25th bomb attempt on Northwest flight 253 to Detroit, the Transportation Security Administration announced a new screening policy that requires “enhanced screening” of passengers flying into the United States from 14 countries considered either “state sponsors of terror” or “countries of interest”. With the exception of Cuba, the rule targets passengers, including U.S.

    Head of ICE John Morton speaks of promised changes for immigration detention

    Guest Blogger: Maurice Belanger from National Immigration Forum reposted from ImmPolitic Blog
    On January 25, John Morton, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), gave a speech at an event hosted by the Migration Policy Institute.