Share Your Story

Rights Working Group coordinates the national Racial Profiling: Face the Truth campaign against all forms of racial profiling. In the course of our organizing, policy, and communications work, it is often important to share stories of the different forms of racial profiling that are rampant around the country. Stories can show that racial profiling happens to many racial, ethnic, and religious communities while individuals are simply driving, walking, or flying. Throughout 2012 we will be collecting stories for the campaign.

Thank you for thinking about sharing your story with us, especially given how upsetting a racial profiling experience can be. By filling out this form, you are giving Rights Working Group permission to share your story on our website or other communications with our members, the media, and government officials in our advocacy to end all forms of racial profiling. Your story will help expose racial profiling as a serious problem in the United States, and show why we need to end racial profiling now.

If you have experienced racial profiling by law enforcement (police, sheriff, border patrol, FBI, etc.) please consider sharing your story with Rights Working Group through this form. If you are working with a community member who has experienced racial profiling, you can help them complete and submit the form. Contact Sian OFaolain or Keith Rushing with any questions.

You can also download the form here.